Warehousing solutions

Our longstanding experience in the warehouse logistics industry comes into play both in the multi-user facilities and in our customer-specific, dedicated-user sites. This means our service portfolio does not simply end at the logistics center loading ramp. We are on hand as an expert point of contact for any questions you might have regarding production logistics, facility logistics or returns logistics. This is where we create our warehouse logistic services for you in a flexible manner and according to specific customer requirements.

When it comes to cost-efficiency, the use of multiple branches has it benefits for both small and medium-sized companies, and those who are affected by seasonal trends. We employ the these specially secured facilities in order to provide you with a constant overview of product movements and keep you up to date on the location of your goods. We are also happy to take care of IT connections to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, thus ensuring the continuous exchange of data.

In the Netherlands we have a strong regional presence in the South with multiple locations. Our advanced buildings are not only equipped with the latest technology on safety and security but are also certified to the highest standards. We strongly believe in making a difference by implementing different sustainable measures that not only benefit the environment but also create a pleasant work atmosphere for our dedicated employees.

Multiple storage methodologies can be offered varying from pallet, shelf and bin storage in shared use temperature- and humidity-controlled environments and quarantine areas to dedicated facilities. Besides our multi-client and dedicated centralized European distribution centers, Markets and Care offers a network of forward stock locations to reduce time to market for high valuable and sensitive, time-critical products.

Our sustainable certified warehouses are comprised of spacious dust-poor ambient and temperature controlled storage areas and is equipped with well-conditioned cool- and freeze chambers. Our warehousing solutions include:

  • Multi-user logistics solutions
  • Dedicated logistics solutions
  • In-plant logistics solutions
  • Medical warehousing Class III
  • ESD safe warehousing
  • Ambient storage
  • Multi-zone temperature and low dust controlled storage